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Awesome gift

This made a good Mother’s Day gift. Love it.

One of my new favorite scents

I have a handful of scents from different brands I love, and this is now one of them. I have been wearing this daily. I apply it multiple times a day, I wish it lingered longer, but it is still great. I tried the 5 pack of inhalers as well but unfortunately, thought Alone Time was in that package and it wasn't. I tried to purchase it separately with shipping waived but no one ever followed up with me. Oh well. I still recommend this one -

Hi Kim! Thank you for leaving a wonderful review :) We actually followed up regarding the Alone Time order request, please check your spam folder. I do see that you placed a new order, so I will apply your requested discount on the new order. Thanks again!

LOVE this.

I have Alone Time on my desk, and it instantly transports my mind to a state of zen. I use it ever daily before meditating and it's a terrific way for me to create the space for a mind shift. I also open it up when my mind gets caught up in daily frustrations / stress at work, and it instantly grounds me. I love it so much!!!

Awesome scent

Love it. Very relaxing.


This inhaler is vibrant and refreshing. I use it a lot when on long virtual meetings with computer strain. It has hints of Lemon mint lozenges

Helped congestion

I love the packaging and easy use of this, no sticking up your nose or oily spill, it's simple and effective. I'm sure all the benefits listed are true for some, for me this has helped with congestion. Opening up my nasal passage and relieving pressure. I keep in my purse and breathe it in often throughout the day. I will definitely be trying some of the other inhalers as well.

Yoga and meditation

This scent centers me immediately. I love it.

Catch a glimpse

I have Alone Time at home next to my laptop that I use for work. I reach for the Alone Time and take an inhale. It gives me a good feeling / happiness. Catching a glimpse of light / love.

Great products!

I was given the Rise and Refresh for Christmas and I love it. The fragrance is amazing, and I love the 'lift' it gives me in the morning. The At Your Desk I actually bought for a friend's birthday to use at her desk while working. She loves the fragrance and says she always gets a slump around 2pm every day, and this is a great pick me up. Both are great products and very happy with them.

Great product, fast delivery

Very pleasant scents. These make great gifts too!

Best part of my night time routine!

I love this oil!! It’s my new favorite part of my bedtime routine

I received the Rise&Refresh from my son for Christmas along with PJ’s I love it! I bought 3 for my friends as gifts, I know they will enjoy them too! I bought my daughter Alone Time and Mom’s me time, she has a busy
Life with young children, I got her the inhaler and the oil, she loves it.
It’s such a lovely thoughtful gift. I would recommend it.
I am a quadriplegic and have difficulties unscrewing
Lids, I could do the inhaler quite easily by myself. Thank you

So calming and relaxing

I love this alone time inhaler, it is so perfect for stressful days and truly does make me feel relaxed.

Serene on the go!

I fell in love with impulse buy at a cute shop, fell in love and bought the full day kit! I love the momento and the special time to take in the layers of soothing aromas! Thanks MG xo

Great office gift

Great little gift for co-workers to place on their desks and encourage wellness during the workday.

Clean, Refreshing

The Rise & Refresh Body Oil is the perfect scent for the morning, but even to put on in the afternoon. The roll-on bottle works seamlessly. I highly recommend this fresh, clean scent.


These inhalers are my new favorite way to clear my senses and relax during my work day!

Aromatherapy stress relievers

Hi, I bought the five aromatherapy stress relievers for
my daughters and daughters in law as gifts for Christmas.
I have the yoga and meditation one and love it so I know they will too!
Thank you, Sarah Adkison

Perfect favors for plane trip!!

Favors for airplane ride to Telluride!

Love this!

I can't say enough good things about all of the inhalers and the Yoga and Meditation specifically. I use this before my meditation session every day and it is has become an important part of my meditation practice. I feel grounded and centered. I use the other inhalers throughout the day and their effect of my daily life is profound.

Bought as a present

Love sleep well and gave my friend the bundle for morning and night. Love and enjoy your products very much.

Love this!

I LOVE this so much that I have not only bought it for myself but purchased it for a number of my friends. We all love it!

Love at first scent

I find the inhaler very calming and I love how potent the scent is for the size of the jar. I don’t know if it helps me sleep, but I do enjoy using it and am excited to try other scents.

such a lovely gift!

I first bought this Aromatherapy Inhaler at my favorite gift shop in Port Gamble, Washington. When they no longer stocked them I found your website and ordered online. I included them in gift bags for family members for Christmas and they were a huge hit! I keep the one I bought last Spring in my car and use it every day, such a treat!