Madison + Green is self-care for your mental well-being.

At Madison + Green, we focus on creating 100% plant-based aromatherapy tools that one can use everyday to help relieve acute stress and anxiety.

Carry our aromatherapy inhalers with you everywhere and feel confident knowing that they are available for whenever you feel stressed, nervous, sad, or anxious.

The Founders

Madison + Green was founded by mother-daughter duo Mia and Jasmine (and her pup Pogo), after they discovered the therapeutic properties of traditional Thai inhalers. Following her honeymoon in Thailand, Jasmine brought inhalers back as souvenirs for Mia and herself. Both Mia and Jasmine immediately fell in love with the stimulating yet soothing traditional remedies, especially when feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Mia, a longtime exponent of aromatherapy, and Jasmine, a certified clinical aromatherapist and a certified meditation instructor, decided to bring together traditional Eastern medicine and Western aromatherapy. The resulting range of remedies was a stimulating yet calming collection of inhalers that mother and daughter carefully designed for specific purposes and situations that one may face in a day. 

Environmental Responsibility

Madison + Green cares about the well-being of both people and the Earth. Our products only use authentic, pure essential oils that are derived from trusted suppliers based in the U.S. that work with essential oil producers that practice sustainable harvesting. We check the GC-MS records for each essential oil we purchase to confirm its purity and chemical constituents.

Clinically Formulated

All essential oil blends used in Madison + Green products are specially formulated by Jasmine Bues, a NAHA®-certified level II clinical aromatherapist, also the founder of Madison + Green. She is also a MNDFL®-certified mindfulness meditation instructor. Combining her backgrounds in aromatherapy and mindful breathing practices, she applies her extensive knowledge in both fields to Madison + Green creations.