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Love it

My daughter gave me the product at Christmas
I have enjoyed nit and so I ordered another

My Fav

I love how centered I feel when I use this before yoga but I also keep one in the kitchen for quick calm. The scent opens my airways.


Love to keep this one in the car. It is good for quick relax and focus

One of my FAVs

I have used this so much while driving as a passenger. It’s different when you dont have the wheel. This blend helps open your senses and calm.

Power of suggestion

I have tried this many times to judge if the first time was power of suggestion. I find it a fun secret sense of wellness and mystery. It wasnt just the first time😉

Little jars of heaven

I picked up “need sleep” at my favorite gift shop and googled Madison + Green when I got home. I was obsessed immediately and ordered “rise and refresh” and “at your desk” to complete the set. Such an amazing idea for daily self care or a super thoughtful gift. Even my husband asks for a sniff before bed and it’s truly become one of my favorite rituals.

Best sleep aid I’ve found

I’ve tried a number of potions, pills, gummies & habits to help improve sleep length and quality. And “Need Sleep” is subtle, powerful - and effective. No groggy aftereffects, just waking w/ the realization I’ve actually slept. Wonderful.

Bedtime treat!

I was given the Need Sleep inhaler jar…
quickly fell i love! And now i have the oil.
Its such a good bedtime routine now!

I feel the inhaler is a strong scent which i love.!
The oil has a much softer scent.. but equally amazing!

Alone Time has changed my life

I use Alone Time when I feel overwhelmed and stressed. It has changed my life. I absolutely enjoy how calm, collective and in controI I feel.

I'm a trauma therapist and specialize in neurological and somatic trauma reprocessing. I use these inhalers in my office, to help clients (and myself) with mindfulness practices and grounding. They are so fabulously effective. Magic in a little tiny jar!

Need Sleep blast before bed is a must!

Love the product. It sets the tone before my head hits the pillow

This “Essential Set” is seriously essential!!!

This is a great basic set to start with. The scents are absolutely divine! I discovered Madison + Green in a cute boutique in NYC and used my Rise + Refresh everyday - morning and in between meetings to help with staying sharp/awake during long days and calm to help with anxiety. There is nothing out there like these amazing scents!!!

5th Purchase

I have purchased this 5 times..and is addictive scent. Very refreshing and follow up with some oils!

Love This

Love this scent..super calming and relaxing.


Helps me concentrate takes me to a peaceful place. I inhale it before my meditation very calming.


I suffer from anxiety and whenever I feel overwhelmed a work I just inhale a couple of times and it totally centers me and relaxes me.

Sleep comes easy(er)!

I cannot recommend this product more!!! I love it so much I've taken it on vacation with me. Definitely helps with falling asleep quicker and also helps when I wake up in the middle of the night to help fall back asleep. If you are questioning buying this, don't! Just add to cart!


I use all three everyday to start my day when stressed and when ready to sleep I suffer from anxiety and it has helped me tremendously.


I use it in my yoga class it has a peaceful smell .

Surprisingly effective!

Bought this as a gift for someone who had tried it before and wanted one. I was skeptical, but now I am a true believer!

Great gift for a loved one

Gave as a gift and they have enjoyed the relaxation practice before bed. Taking a few minutes just for them to breathe in the aromatics helped get them more relaxed and ready for sleep.

Relief At Your Desk

A few minutes is all you need to relax and recharge. You can use the inhalation, deep breathing to reset in no time at all. Felt able to continue working with a clearer head.

Absolutely love this!

Waking up on a cold dark morning in the winter has become much easier with this inhaler. I feel my mood lift and my energy increase after taking a few thoughtful inhales. An essential part of my morning routine!

Love these products

I love these aroma therapy jars. I have a couple strategically placed throughout my home. Love them. This kit was purchased as I plan to give them out as gifts this holiday season. The delivery time was long but that is on USPS. USPS has consistently disappointed lately. M&G were very responsive with following up on tracking and communicating with me. I like this company and I love this product. They last a long time. Will purchase more in the future.


I usually have a bad nose so this inhaler is perfect! I can still smell everything so well and it relaxes me