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"At your desk" takes you away from your desk, and puts you in a good, happy, far away space. I have been enjoying this special aromatherapy product for a while. It also is a great little present for friends and colleagues.

I love Alone time. I discovered it while at Miraval and anytime I take a moment to inhale it I’m immediately taken back to a place of wellness and calm. In my household with 2 kids under 3 it is essential!

Calming and Therapeutic

I took this with me on my travels, and
it was like a little pick me up anytime
I would get a little anxious, now I take
it with me whenever I go, I want to purchase the whole collection 💕☺️

Game changer

A colleague shared this inhaler with me after she received it as a gift and it was such an amazingly pleasant and calming scent that provided me with a quick mental reset. I knew right away that I would benefit from getting my own inhaler to keep at my workspace.

Smells great!

I use it as a car freshener

Late cold summer night green forest walk with a cup of icy lemon-mint tea

At first it is an overwhelming deep forest green, slightly sweet citrus-zesty scent: very Eucalyptus-Lemongrass duo forward, with hints of Pine and Fir notes coming through (most likely brought in by Marjoram).
But as the time passes by, the composition calms down, becomes more seamless, and the chilly camphor comes forward creating a perfectly refreshing, yet still deeply balsamic herbal blend: great for healing heart and throat chakras! It is quite a relief both for my nose and mood: meditative and invigorating. This sensation of camphorous freeze mixed with very high quality natural scents is the reason why I absolutely fell in love with M&G inhalers back from trying the limited edition Yin Moon from my Goddess Provisions box. If you are also looking for it and wondering if this one is similar: it is not quite. It is unique on it's own: firry medicinal, aromatic green, crispy chilling and incredibly addictive! Worth trying and hope my description helps!! Happy sniffing!

Love this scent

I use my inhalers in the home and office. They help me get present and remind me to take a deep breath. The lemon really stands out and is so bright and cheery.

Love these inhalers

I use my inhalers in the home and office. They help me get present and remind me to take a deep breath. The geranium is very subtle and balances well in this little jar.


A coworker let me borrow this at work and I immediately knew I needed this inhaler in my life fulltime. I work at night and it not only relaxes me but also provides a delightful, uplifting scent to get me through my shift.

Nice Mood shift

Having very busy work days days - inhaling this helps to shift my mood to focus on the moment and relax into romance.


I found the aromatherapy jars in a tiny shop in Maine and love them so much. I have ordered more several times since discovering them. They are a perfect holiday stocking stuffer.

Love it!

I like to use it to stop and take a few deep breaths and also leave it open in my cup holder for a car freshener!

Family Loves This

My oldest brother fell in love with the 2 inhalers I own ("I Work Out" and "At Your Desk") so I decided to surprise him with his own little inhaler jar. I got him this scent ("While Driving") from a small shop in Dallas, and noticed he could not stop smelling it. He loved it. I hope Madison and Green continues to sell their products for a long time. We are fans.

My sister-in-law also mentioned that the inhalers remind her of something she smelled at a Thailand resort, and I told her the story of how Madison and Green came to be, and how it was inspired through Thai inhalers. She also loved the product. She has had nasal polyps for years, but could smell the aromatherapy clearly.


This is another amazing smell I recently bought from a small shop in Dallas. It has strong notes of Eucalyptus, and it also has a refreshing minty smell, similar to vaporub. One of my top favorites indeed!

Amazing Stuff!

I purchased this at a local boutique in preparation for my upcoming summer vacation. I’ve been hooked on Madison+Green ever since! Aside from the “Need Sleep”, this is my other favorite! I use it for anything from nerves to my kids’ car sickness. It truly is a miracle, I was carrying it everywhere with me, but now I just keep it in my car, as I have several other inhalers stashed elsewhere. I had a friend who was sick while we were eating at a local restaurant and it eased her nausea til she could get home to rest. I can’t recommend this product enough!

It Really Works!

I live with a houseful and use this for studying when I need to focus, it works great, and has been really handy!

My Favorite!

I was skeptical at first, as all the melatonin and z-quil in the world wasn’t curing my insomnia. Initially I purchased the travel ease at a local store and was hooked! I found the website and decided to try the essential set, I think it was called. It included the “Need Sleep”. It was the best purchase I’ve ever made! I have never slept so well in my life. Thanks so much for this product, it has truly changed my overall health.


I have owned this inhaler since December 2021, and I am obsessed. The scent is still very strong. As someone who is big on minty, refreshing scents, I will say, this one is my all-time favorite of all the essential oils, candles, and scents that I have ever bought. Great for studying and de-stressing at work.

Amazingly Terrific!

I have struggled with getting to sleep ever since my husband died. I was in a cute little shop and saw the Need Sleep. It smelled wonderful so I bought it. Little did I know that this tiny little jar would change my life!! I'm now on my way to better sleep patterns! Won't be without it and it is always in my bag when I travel!

Such a relief!

I recently got a new job and have been feeling a lot of pressure and stress trying to adjust. I wanted to have something that would help me calm down and refocus my energy. This has been such a life saver because it gives me a mini reset when I need it. The scent is so soothing and it helps melt the stress away so I can get back to being productive. I love these so much and keep one at my desk and in my work bag at all times!


I absolutely adore all of your inhalers and body oils. Recently purchased “rise and Refresh “ in NYC.. I live in The U.K.. I loved Madison and Green so much that I have paid$28 shipping for more products… I’ll be buying more when I get another visit to USA 🇺🇸

Love it

My daughter gave me the product at Christmas
I have enjoyed nit and so I ordered another

My Fav

I love how centered I feel when I use this before yoga but I also keep one in the kitchen for quick calm. The scent opens my airways.


Love to keep this one in the car. It is good for quick relax and focus