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I suffer from anxiety and whenever I feel overwhelmed a work I just inhale a couple of times and it totally centers me and relaxes me.

Sleep comes easy(er)!

I cannot recommend this product more!!! I love it so much I've taken it on vacation with me. Definitely helps with falling asleep quicker and also helps when I wake up in the middle of the night to help fall back asleep. If you are questioning buying this, don't! Just add to cart!


I use all three everyday to start my day when stressed and when ready to sleep I suffer from anxiety and it has helped me tremendously.


I use it in my yoga class it has a peaceful smell .

Surprisingly effective!

Bought this as a gift for someone who had tried it before and wanted one. I was skeptical, but now I am a true believer!

Great gift for a loved one

Gave as a gift and they have enjoyed the relaxation practice before bed. Taking a few minutes just for them to breathe in the aromatics helped get them more relaxed and ready for sleep.

Relief At Your Desk

A few minutes is all you need to relax and recharge. You can use the inhalation, deep breathing to reset in no time at all. Felt able to continue working with a clearer head.

Absolutely love this!

Waking up on a cold dark morning in the winter has become much easier with this inhaler. I feel my mood lift and my energy increase after taking a few thoughtful inhales. An essential part of my morning routine!

Love these products

I love these aroma therapy jars. I have a couple strategically placed throughout my home. Love them. This kit was purchased as I plan to give them out as gifts this holiday season. The delivery time was long but that is on USPS. USPS has consistently disappointed lately. M&G were very responsive with following up on tracking and communicating with me. I like this company and I love this product. They last a long time. Will purchase more in the future.


I usually have a bad nose so this inhaler is perfect! I can still smell everything so well and it relaxes me

Worth it!

Such great and relaxing scents. Helps me stay intentional about stopping to breathe.


Really love these! They're a great reminder to stop and breathe, and the scents are very calming.

Wrapping and scent delight

This is my second time ordering one for myself and several for gifts! I adore the calm tones in the wrapping and the hand written notes. The aromatherapy is high quality and transcends to each purpose you ordered! Great thoughtful eco friendly gifts

Incredible products!

I purchased the bundle of 3! I love and use them daily! My favorite is “at the desk” really relaxes and takes my stress away!

Pivot to relax

Fantastic mix, strong balance that took me to a place of serenity and calm!


Smells wonderful and ships fast

Finally found it!

I unfortunately get nauseated easily especially after anesthesia. I have had great success with peppermint aromatherapy for nausea, specifically peppermint oil on a cotton ball. I tried using a diffuser with peppermint oil and it’s not the same. The problem is carrying an oil soaked cotton ball is not very practical. This product is the solution! It’s very calming, nausea reducing and very cute packaging. I not one to buy items like this and I am so glad I did. So so so so worth it. It would make a great present for anyone. I was thinking it would be a very special thoughtful gift for anyone who will be undergoing surgery, doing something that makes you nauseous (car rides, boating), or going through chemo/radiation. Thank you for making this product. I am so pleased.

One of my new favorite scents

I have a handful of scents from different brands I love, and this is now one of them. I have been wearing this daily. I apply it multiple times a day, I wish it lingered longer, but it is still great. I tried the 5 pack of inhalers as well but unfortunately, thought Alone Time was in that package and it wasn't. I tried to purchase it separately with shipping waived but no one ever followed up with me. Oh well. I still recommend this one -

Hi Kim! Thank you for leaving a wonderful review :) We actually followed up regarding the Alone Time order request, please check your spam folder. I do see that you placed a new order, so I will apply your requested discount on the new order. Thanks again!

LOVE this.

I have Alone Time on my desk, and it instantly transports my mind to a state of zen. I use it ever daily before meditating and it's a terrific way for me to create the space for a mind shift. I also open it up when my mind gets caught up in daily frustrations / stress at work, and it instantly grounds me. I love it so much!!!

Awesome scent

Love it. Very relaxing.


This inhaler is vibrant and refreshing. I use it a lot when on long virtual meetings with computer strain. It has hints of Lemon mint lozenges

Helped congestion

I love the packaging and easy use of this, no sticking up your nose or oily spill, it's simple and effective. I'm sure all the benefits listed are true for some, for me this has helped with congestion. Opening up my nasal passage and relieving pressure. I keep in my purse and breathe it in often throughout the day. I will definitely be trying some of the other inhalers as well.

Yoga and meditation

This scent centers me immediately. I love it.