Let's create a sanctuary for the bees ❀

Spring is here and I couldn't be more excited to see the baby plants shooting up from the ground, reaching for the sky! 

I've started planting seeds in my vegetable garden so that I have fresh, homegrown veggies for the summer season. But this year, I wanted to also focus on creating a special garden for the bees.. ❀

We all know that bees are struggling to survive. They're losing habitats, suffering from pesticides and whatever chemicals that are out in the environment, and rapidly declining in population. However, bees are SO important in our ecosystem, and the best we can do is to create a little sanctuary for them in our space. 

We don't need a large space to make a difference - we can start a section in the garden, have planters on the terrace, or even just a small pot. Anything helps. 

Here are some flowers that bees love:


The easiest way to do this is to just buy a blend of above flowers in bulk, and sprinkle them into your large pot or a garden, such as this one 

Let's help save the environment   Every little effort counts!


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