Aromatic Boost for Your Shower Time

Aromatic Boost for Your Shower Time

DIY shower steamer

We've all heard of bath bombs, but have you ever used shower steamers? I had actually never used one until I purchased one at Anthropologie during Christmas sale 2020 (something that was originally $10 but was on sale for $2 ea), and I became immediately hooked. It was so soothing and calming, with a similar aromatic effect of taking an aromatic bath. 

Shower steamers are cute little things that you leave by your feet while you shower. They release a surprising amount of aroma from the essential oils when they fizzle down, and as you inhale the aroma, it can help you feel relaxed right away. 

Wondering if I could make it myself, I looked at the ingredients on back of the label and found that it's quite simple. After multiple attempts, I was actually able to create shower steamers on my own, and it was even better than the ones I had purchased earlier because I was able to use my own oil blend. 

It's also a great gift idea because the steamers are so pretty and easy (and cheap!) to make. I made some for my friends and family for Christmas last year and they loved them ♥

↓ My Recipe for Calming Shower Steamers ↓ (makes 12 squares)

Supplies (with Amazon links):
Silicon mold (whatever shape and size you'd like)
Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) - 16oz
Citric acid - 8oz
Witch hazel in a spray bottle - roughly about 2fl oz, but will not use all
Essential oils (see at the end of the article) - total 60 drops (2~3 kinds)
Mica stone powder (optional - for coloring)
Stainless steel bowl
Small glass jar

Step 1: Mix baking soda and citric acid with a whisk. (Optional: Add mica powders during this stage if you'd like to add color)

Step 2: Mix essential oils in a glass jar by rolling it with your hands. Using the dropper, add the oil blend into the bowl in step 1. Mix well. 


Step 3: Spray witch hazel into the bowl (about 2~3 sprays) and mix. Spray until the texture turns into something similar to wet sand. *NOTE: This is where I made my biggest mistake at first. Do not get it too wet! If there's too much witch hazel, the steamers will blow up (see photo). You will still be able to use it, but it will take forever to dry.  

Step 4: Spoon the mixture into the silicon molds. Press down with your fingers or a spoon so that they are tightly packed into the molds. 

↑ (What happens when you spray too much witch hazel)

Step 5: Let them dry for about 4~6 hours. Slowly pull them out of the molds.

Pro tip: To make them pretty, insert dried herbs or flowers a the bottom of the molds. I used lavender, osmanthus, chamomile, and rose petals in mine ✿


➠ Essential oil recommendation

If you're using it in the AM, I recommend using refreshing oils such as:

Juniper Berry
Sweet Orange

If you're using it in the PM, I recommend relaxing oils such as:

Sweet Marjoram
Ylang ylang (also an aphrodisiac )
Roman Chamomile

My blends were:
A) Eucalyptus, sweet orange, and lemon
B ) Juniper berry and eucalyptus (I recommend this blend for men!)
C) Geranium and eucalyptus

Hope you enjoy making and using these to enhance your shower time ★ No reason not to enjoy your quick showers!

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