Our Story

The short version: 

Madison + Green was founded by a mother-daughter duo, Mia and Jasmine, after they discovered the therapeutic properties of traditional Thai inhalers. Jasmine had brought back the inhalers as souvenirs for Mia and herself following her honeymoon in Thailand. Both Mia and Jasmine immediately fell in love with the stimulating yet soothing traditional remedies, especially when feeling overwhelmed or stressed. 

They kept the inhalers on their office desks, and every time they felt irritated or overwhelmed at work, they took a deep breath and calmed their minds. Mia, a longtime exponent of aromatherapy, and Jasmine, a certified clinical aromatherapist, decided to bring together traditional Thai inhalers and Western aromatherapy. The resulting range of remedies was a stimulating yet calming collection of inhalers that mother and daughter carefully designed for specific purposes. 


The long version by Jasmine:

From December of 2017 through 2019, I went through an enormous amount of stress that I had never experienced before. It began with an injury to my left arm - Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, which is an ulnar nerve irritation in the elbow. I hurt myself during a business trip to Asia, and I experienced significant pain every day for months. There were days that I simply could not stop crying because of the shooting pain up and down my arm, and even on better days, I was still in a lot of pain that limited most movements for my left arm, such as gripping onto something, typing, lifting, or even making a fist. I visited numerous doctors, went through physical therapy, conducted MRI’s, but nothing helped, and I was starting to become hopeless in ever relieving the arm pain. 

On top of that, the 30-year family business I was working for during that time was declining in sales rapidly due to unforeseen circumstances, and I became afraid of losing an income. With the family business going into a downward spiral, I became increasingly frustrated that I could not get the job done efficiently with my not only useless, but painful left arm. When the family business began declining, I even began to question my self-worth. Am I good at anything? Is there a purpose in my life? Who am I? 

As I struggled with my self-identity and constant pain, I became mildly depressed. I still clearly remember the day when I BALLED in front of my neurologist during my appointment. We hadn’t even began conversing - as soon as she asked, “how can I help you?,” I just began crying out of control because I was feeling so overwhelmed from everything that was happening in my life (I still cringe thinking about this day… so embarrassing!).  

It was around March of 2019 that I began to gather enough energy to do something about myself and my future. Throughout all this, I was lucky enough to receive a tremendous amount of emotional support and love from my family, my patient and wonderful husband, and best friends with big hearts from college. Through my girlfriends’ recommendations, I began meditation through an app called Headspace, I changed my diet and went through a 3-week cleanse program called the Clean Program, and began checking out a ton of self-help books from the local library. 

Working on my mental health through meditation and physical health through changes in my diet (which ultimately leads to mental health) had a big impact on my life, and I continue to educate myself on these topics to this day. 

It was also around this time that I discovered “ya-dom,” or traditional Thai inhalers with menthol and camphor oil, while on a vacation with my husband in Thailand. I bought one for my mother and for myself as souvenirs from the trip, and as we tested them out, we became hooked. The scent was stimulating, awakening, yet very soothing, and it relieved anxiety every time we inhaled. My mother and I kept the inhalers at our desks and continued using them every time we felt stressed. Then one day, as I picked up my inhaler, I became very curious about the nature of essential oils. Why are these inhalers so effective? Is this a placebo effect? 

Long story short, I became increasingly obsessed with aromatherapy as I discovered its beauty and its effectiveness, especially for psychological uses, and decided to become a certified clinical aromatherapist so that I can help anyone else relieve emotional pain similar to those that I suffered. Although I found the Thai inhaler to be effective on its own, I decided to put my aromatherapy skill into work and add other essential oils with therapeutic properties to provide it a "boost." This lead to our collection of inhalers that are uniquely designed to be used to different occasions and situations. 

With passion, love for everything natural, and desire to help others, my mother and I founded Madison + Green on February 1, 2020. 


Madison + Green is proud to be a company that is 100% owned and run by women.